Most of the dust has settled, and it's a treat to have a simple, working solution for hosting documentation and updates.

Since the last update the majority of documentation for games and services has been at the very least started, if not finished. A select few pages remain to be worked on, but the important bits are there and have already proven useful. I took some time to go back through my photos and found some candidates for banners on some of the pages for this website, which turned out pretty nice. Aside from publishing content, there were a few modifications that needed to be made to the Feeling Responsive theme, and a few I wanted to make just to simplify things and work within the styling I was going for.

For kicks, I reworked the contact page by pulling new and existing values dynamically from a YAML document. This was also part of /humans.txt, but I didn’t see much value in keeping that page around given this is a one-man operation and most people wouldn’t even know the page exists. If anyone should be credited in the future, it’s just a simple YAML update and the Liquid template handles the rest.

In the SEO space, I noticed most of the indexed pages show the same snippet of text throughout the website. In this case it was because I hadn’t written a teaser for nearly any of the pages thus far and the site description was used as part of the default fallback logic, but most of them had a relevant subheadline so I just added that for meta_description generation. It remains to be seen whether or not I did this correctly, to be picked up by search engines. There was also an inconsistency in the way noindex exclusions were managed via front matter, and additional exclusions were required for a few of the style documents and pages not-so-useful to humans.

One thing I discovered through all of this is that a fair amount of my search impressions are for a company by the name of Prenetics, a biotech startup out of Hong Kong. I’m not sure how they arrived at that name, but it’s certainly strange to me given I’ve held this name and domain for about two decades. This is the first I’ve heard of anyone or anything sharing even a remotely similar name, and thankfully this hasn’t led to any issues yet other than knocking my search ranking down, but time will tell.

I intend to go into more detail on my recent experiments with multistreaming/simulcasting, and Jamstack hosting provider limitations when it comes to Git integration since those topics probably deserve their own post.

That’s all for now.

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