Let It Ring



Resonance is a Discord sound bot hosted on the Ye Olde Pipe Club server, able to play sounds on-demand or when certain actions take place in voice channels. The bot provides features below by means of discord-soundbot by markokajzer, a Java application.


The sound bot listens to commands sent to the #jukebox channel, all commands should be sent there. Noteworthy commands are below with a brief description.

  • !help shows the help text with all commands
  • !sounds provides a complete list of available sounds to play
  • !<sound> will play the requested sound in your current voice channel
  • !combo <sound1> <sound2> <...> will play requested sounds in order
  • !entrance <sound> plays a sound when entering voice channels
  • !exit <sound> plays a sound when exiting voice channels
  • !stop immediately stop playing sounds and clear the queue


For any and all requests (sound additions, bot services), reach out to prenetic.