Big changes! It's been a long time coming, but things are finally falling into place.

After a couple weeks of work in the evenings, I’ve finally got a worthwhile landing site put together. The solution in the end was to publish static content to Cloudflare Pages via Jekyll from a private GitHub repository. Despite a few minor hurdles getting acquainted with the swath of new-to-me technology, development has been relatively smooth from a dedicated Linux machine I spun up on the server here at home.

You’ll find many of the pages are still missing information. I wanted to get a skeleton together so I could wire everything up and get a better understanding of how all the systems work. There’s already more information here than there was previously, and I’ll continue to write up some documentation over the coming weeks. Theming was a fun exercise, from implementing the color palette to digging through old photos for headers, thumbnails, and widgets.

Livestreaming should continue to work as it did previously, however I’m not satisfied with the page layout just yet. I think most people just fullscreen the player anyway, but if not rest assured I intend to improve the experience a bit still.

That’s all for now.

cloudflare feeling responsive jekyll nginx