Big Earl Bump



Reverb is a Discord music bot hosted on the Ye Olde Pipe Club server, capable of playing hosted content from sources such as YouTube, SoundCloud, Vimeo, and many more. MusicBot by jagrosh, a Java application, provides these features.


The music bot listens to commands sent to the #jukebox channel, messages sent elsewhere will result in a swift scolding. Noteworthy commands are below with a brief description.

  • !help shows the help text with all commands
  • !lyrics provides lyrics for the requested song
  • !play <title|url|playlist> to play the requested media in your current voice channel
  • !playlists will provide a list of available playlists
  • !queue shows the current media queue
  • !remove <position|all> removes requested media from the queue
  • !stop immediately stop playing songs and clear the queue


To request the bot for use on another server, reach out to prenetic.