Long Time

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The Resonance sound bot lives again. After months of intermittent troubleshooting and an unanswered bug report, I decided to give the Docker container a try. It works (albeit not well in terms of permissions), but since all the resources are specific to this one small bot, for one small server, it’s not keeping me up at night.

Oh, I lost the original database along the way, so if you want an !entrance and !exit sound you’ll need to issue those commands again along with the desired sound.


A long-standing issue I’ve had with my uninterruptable power supply (UPS) seems to be resolved. Since installing it there had been a persistent problem where the unit would fail to turn on outlet groups once mains power was restored. Initial testing indicates this is no longer an issue following a complete firmware update of the unit, which was running ancient versions across the board.

The documentation for this unit as well as the onboard settings indicated that firmware updates would be pulled down and installed automatically. For whatever reason this wasn’t the case, so I thought maybe the unit was in an odd state or worse, a lemon. Had I not thought to manually cross-check the firmware versions against the latest update package this could have continued indefinitely.

As a test I pulled the power and let it run through the typical shutdown cycle. When power was restored the startup countdown began and everything came back up as I’d expect it to, where previously the unit would return to the shutdown countdown which would not proceed since the outlet groups were already off. A very strange bug I’m happy to see gone.



We’re on version 1.20.1 currently, and a lot has changed. Wellspring has been under continued development, including The Hippodrome of Wellspring, the Balmora Lodge, and the surrounding wheat fields.

Infrastructure work has been completed to connect the future tea farm via surface roads, and roadways have also been created up to the Dwarven Capital of Gunbar. Work was completed for all planned Overworld Line train stops, and more lines are currently in the planning phase. We’ve also officially opened express lines via the Nether Rail Express Line System, accessible by The Drunk Pidgeon which is docked in the Wellspring Crafting District, or the stairwell in the Forest Mansion Station. An express stop will eventually be built in the Dwarven Capital of Gunbar.

Gloop has migrated from Gloop Isle to the north shore of our waters, defaced a mountainside, and has completed a very relaxing sakura shrine along the coast. Rumor has it he is turning to stone instead of wood for his current build. Wulfmundr has taken up renovations for Gloop Isle, and there has been great progress putting together a quiet island retreat.

As for Goob&Goob®, the Grand Isle of Lut Gholein has seen many changes. The entire surface of the island has been razed and terraformed to accommodate two grand structures: the community stepwell (name outstanding), and the Ziggurat of Ur. We recently completed work on the stepwell and surrounding area, and have been focused on acquisition of materials needed for constructing the ziggurat which is also underway.


So that’s as far as notable construction work goes. On the adventuring side we’ve felled the End Dragon, acquired Elytras, and constructed several Shulker Boxes. Additionally, every armor trim in the game has been discovered and copies have been made for safekeeping. The time spent in Ancient Cities for the final armor trim was challenging, yet rewarding.

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